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Bauer Family Resources

Who We Are

Bauer works with families with limited resources who seek guidance and opportunities to improve the quality of life for their children.  Bauer is a local, non-profit, social service organization that delivers a responsive array of services to improve the lives of children.

Bauer Family Resources takes a holistic approach to serving children by supporting the whole family’s needs and creating a stronger, healthier, home environment for children.

Bauer is comprised of three divisions: Bauer Early Care and Education, Bauer Youth Services, and Bauer Family-Centered Services. 

What We Do

The mission of Bauer Family Resources is creating brighter tomorrows by strengthening children and families today. Bauer Family Resources celebrates a long history of partnership with Greater Lafayette to serve the needs of at-risk children and family members. Beginning with Grace Bauer's original vision over 80 years ago, our agency continues to evolve to meet challenges and break the vicious cycle brought about by poverty, neglect, abuse, addiction, and violence.

Today, Bauer Family Resources is comprised of three entities: Bauer Early Care and Education, Bauer Youth Services, and Bauer Family-Centered Services. These divisions act as the cornerstones for our 19 programs and services. To date, our agency currently serves nearly 10,000 individuals yearly from seven area locations. Though our organization's name has changed through the years, be assured that Grace Bauer's original vision and mission to support youth and families in need rings even louder today.


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